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In the hospitality industry, agility and flexibility are absolutely essential to success. Whenever and wherever change happens, Workday allows companies to keep a laser focus on productivity and costs, while optimising the workforce.

The world’s leading hospitality companies use Workday to keep pace with change.


Remove friction in finance.

Say goodbye to batch processing, disconnected processes, geographic silos and disparate systems. Workday can help your finance team streamline and standardise global processes.

Plan continuously.

If you’re still planning only once a year, in separate spreadsheets, you’re falling behind. With Workday, your entire organisation can model unlimited scenarios and recalibrate on the fly.

Optimise your workforce.

Wherever change takes the hospitality industry, you need the agility to quickly adapt your workforce. Learn how Workday helps you deploy the right workers with the right skills, keeping them laser-focused on productivity and costs.

Build a decision-ready org.

Many hospitality organisations are limited by disparate systems and data. Learn how Workday delivers data-driven insights to help you proactively identify risks and opportunities.


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Frictionless operations.

By accelerating digital financial transformation and applying technologies like machine learning, our finance solution is helping hospitality organisations achieve agility with as little friction as possible.


Continuous company-wide planning.

With role-based access, Workday lets everyone take part in the planning process with rolling forecasts and integrated scenarios.


Total insights into operations.

Get a 360-degree view of your business. Workday lets you combine third-party data, including property management and point-of-sale data, with your workforce and financial data.




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Optimised workforce management.

Minimise turnover by attracting and retaining a skilled frontline workforce. Then ensure you have the right person, doing the right job, at the right time.


Workforce plans that work together.

Get greater insight into your talent, skills gaps and workforce budgets to better plan and prepare. With Workday, you’re always ready to course correct as needs change.


A complete picture of your people.

Make critical business decisions on hiring, retention and natural wastage with a 360-degree view of your workforce diversity, operations and performance.




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Architecture built to scale.

With a simplified architecture and automation to scale high-volume processes, IT can focus on strategic initiatives that impact sales, revenue and growth.


Integrate with confidence.

With Workday, you can migrate data using our guided interface, integrate quickly with our cloud connectors or manage your customisations with our open APIs.


Rigorous risk assessment.

A single security model, adaptable architecture and always-on auditing helps you remain in compliance with ever-changing labour laws and regulations.



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