Retail solutions that adapt to change.

Shifting consumer demands, evolving workforce expectations, and new business models—the retail industry is changing faster than ever. Can your enterprise system help you accelerate fast and keep up? Workday can.

The world’s leading retail companies use Workday to keep pace with change.


Remove friction in finance.

Say goodbye to operational silos and disconnected systems. Workday can help your finance team speed up work and streamline processes.

Plan continuously.

In retail, planning once a year is no longer enough. That’s why we empower your entire organization to model unlimited scenarios and recalibrate on the fly.

Optimize your workforce.

Retail workers want work schedules that fit their lives. With Workday Scheduling, you can meet their expectations while scheduling the right workers with the right skills at the right time.

Make decisions faster.

Too many retailers work with incomplete and disjointed data. Our unified data core surfaces insights, helping you to identify opportunities and make decisions in real time.


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A faster close.

By automating accounting functions, applying machine learning, and consolidating in real time, our finance solution helps retailers accelerate their business and remove friction from finance.


Company-wide planning.

Workday gives everyone the power to plan using real-time data and insights, and course correct as fast as the needs of your business change.


Real-time analytics.

Workday Prism Analytics lets you see what’s happening in your stores and the back office and enables you to combine operational data, including merchandising and inventory, with workforce and financial data for a complete picture of your business.




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More engaged, happier workers.

Provide a more engaging employee experience through intelligent scheduling, mobile-first time and absence capabilities, and personalized learning.


Integrated workforce plans.

With a unified system for planning, everyone can build workforce plans in concert with company-wide objectives and identify talent gaps and budgets that keep HR and finance aligned.


A deeper understanding of your workforce.

We deliver deeper insights into your workforce and a complete view of everything from diversity and inclusion to skills and performance. We also make it easy to share your insights so everyone makes better decisions on hiring and retention.




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An agile architecture.

With a simplified architecture and automation to scale high-volume processes, IT can focus on strategic initiatives that meet your changing business needs.


Integrate with confidence.

With Workday, you can migrate data using our guided interface, integrate quickly with our cloud connectors, or manage your customizations with our open APIs.


Built-in, rigorous security.

It’s never easy to mitigate risk, especially during times of rapid change. Fortunately, our consistent security model and always-on auditing helps retailers stay in compliance with changing labor laws and regulations.



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