Align your workforce plans with workforce strategy.

Strategic workforce planning dashboard in Workday Adaptive Planning software.


Deliver better plans and stronger strategies.

Mapping your organization’s workforce plans to strategic goals is only the starting point. To adapt to change, you need to link your operational workforce plans to your workforce strategy. Workday lets you do just that.

  • Build powerful workforce plans
  • Plan for any organizational change
  • Link workforce plans to strategy
Summary of strategic workforce planning actions dashboard in Workday Adaptive Planning software.

Workforce plans that work—no matter what.

Build powerful workforce models to handle complexity.

Plan your workforce with multidimensional models that map everything—from financial goals and strategic initiatives to how you run your business.

Plan for internal and external organizational change.

Prepare your organization to meet future demand and deliver on strategic goals, including scenarios for one-time events, such as restructures or mergers and acquisitions.

Link operational workforce plans to strategy.

Collaborate with your recruiting team and HR business partners to hire or develop the talent you need. Weigh bottom-up business operations inputs against corporate initiatives and top-down plans.

“Once we have captured all the input from our department and business leaders, corporate finance and HR rely on Workday Adaptive Planning to work closely together to gather all the approvals they need and ensure that they have a budget to hire against.”

Bring strategy and workforce planning together.

Powerful modeling.

Maintain a single consolidated workforce model that works across your enterprise and is tailored to individual teams to reflect how the work gets done.

Unlimited scenarios.

Model scenarios driving talent demand against current workforce capacity, factoring for talent availability and related costs—by location and ramp-up time for hiring, reskilling, or upskilling decisions.

Dashboards and reporting.

Shared role-based access to dashboards and ad hoc reporting means all stakeholders are equipped with the insights needed to contribute to better plan outcomes.

Workday’s People Experience homepage viewed on a desktop computer.

Surface all the talent insights you need.

Build your workforce plans with real-time talent data from Workday Human Capital Management and Workday Reporting and Analytics. Whether incorporating non-Workday data for additional context or applying augmented analytics to uncover people trends you might have missed, Workday gives you a comprehensive view of your workforce so you can plan better and make smarter decisions.


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